Working Effectively with Traumatised Children/Trauma
Informed Care/Trauma Informed Schools


Crown Plaza Hotel – Date to be confirmed
Hadrian Education and Development Services – Hadrian School – HEADS

Guest Speaker Dr Margot Sunderland

Hadrian Education and Development Services (HEADS) are working in partnership with
Dr Margot Sunderland to deliver this fantastic training opportunity.

Course Content:

    • These interventions will help you reach out to the most defended children and young people, helping them thrive
    • Effects of trauma on life and learning, interventions that work
    • Helping troubled children thrive, what cutting-edge brain science and psychological research can tell us
    • The traumatised child, healing brain, mind and body. Key emotional and physiological
      regulation interventions
    • Relational stress and relational poverty, the long term impact on the child’s mind and
      brain and interventions that work
    • Trauma informed schools/organisations, why they are essential.

Dr Sunderland has a wealth of powerful images, film footage and case histories, along with highly accessible use of language, means delegates go away moved, inspired and informed.

Dr Sunderland lectures all over the world on the psychology and neuroscience of child and teenage mental health, offering a wealth of practical strategies and interventions, always underpinned by the latest research. Overall, she is concerned to ensure that parents, teachers and mental health professionals alike, are offered the most up to date psychological and brain science research on how children and young people can be enabled to thrive. She is passionate about social change for a kinder, warmer world.

The conference is being held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. The hotel is located in the centre of Newcastle. There are hotel discounts available for

Course Bookings

The course cost is £195.00 per delegate (lunch and refreshments are included). The conference starts at 9.15am until 3.30pm. Bookings can be made by emailing, or contacting Hadrian School on 0191 273 4440. The conference starts at 9.15am until 3.30pm.

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