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We are especially interested in any links for Home Learning and ‘Supporting Pupil Behaviour’
at this time for pupils with PMLD, SLD and MLD.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Home Learning


Get technology support for children and schools

During coronavirus (COVID-19)

– Updated 4th May

This document has been updated to reflect policy and process development. Local authorities will be ordering the relevant number of lap-tops for maintained schools and Academy Trusts will be ordering for Trust schools.


Remote education practice for schools

During coronavirus (COVID-19)

– 5th May

The Department for Education has been working with schools to develop guidance based on the current experiences and practices of teachers and school leaders.

It outlines some approaches that have worked for schools and includes case studies and information about:

Supporting pupils’ wellbeing

Adapting teaching practice for remote education

Adapting the curriculum for remote education

Keeping pupils motivated and engaged

Most of the examples given are from schools that already had some infrastructure or technology in place. Many schools and households do not have the same level of access. The DfE are developing examples of effective practice from schools in these circumstances, and for schools providing education to younger children.



Case studies: remote education practice for schools

during coronavirus (COVID-19)

– 5th May

These case studies share examples of remote education practice for schools during coronavirus. The DfE gathered them by consulting with schools and academies across England. Names of individuals and schools have been removed to protect their privacy.



Oak National Academy

The Oak National Academy is providing online lessons for schools to share with parents. They have just released a range of lessons to support children and young people with complex needs. The lessons cover:

Communication and language

Creative arts

Independent living



Nearly all lessons will now be subtitled and they are als beginning to add BSL for lessons for lower age groups.



Online phonics lessons for Letters and Sounds

The online lessons for the Letters and Sounds programme which began on 27 th April now has 12 weeks of lessons for children in Reception and Year 1. There is also five weeks of blending lessons which will be available throughout the summer term.



From Hadrian School in Newcastle upon Tyne

A list of websites and resources you may find useful.

If anybody finds anything useful that is not listed on the Hadrian School website, please feel free to email and he will include them.

You an also check ‘The Friends of Hadrian School‘ Facebook page for more ideas.



From Marie Howley – Autism Home Learning

Ideas to support your child’s learning
and wellbeing whilst they are off school.

Please see the link to the Blog from Marie Howley

Autism Home Learning

Marie has set up the blog to support families with children and young people with Autism who are at home due to the Corono virus and Marie plans to add items each day.

This is helpful for parents/carers and will be excellent with lots of strategies and ideas.  Please help share this  blog link by adding it to your school website.



From Sunningdale School in Sunderland.

Below are some resources which we have organised for Home Learning’

There are also a couple of videos describing how they’re structured and how to use them.

They are here:

James Waller

Deputy Head Teacher
Specialist Leader of Education (SLE)

Sunningdale School



From Priory Woods School in Middlesbrough

Dragonfly on Track

Priory Woods are releasing daily videos on their facebook group for parents to provide links between the 5 ‘Ways to Well-being’ adopted by the NHS and the Curriculum.

Some examples can be found at



From Mandeville School in London

During this time of pupils being at home and not in school Mandeville School are providing lots of ideas and activities to support pupils. They will be uploading a range of web pages, songs, stories and other activities that you may find helpful while you are at home during this period.

For more information please visit

Home Learning – Mandeville School



The Sensory Projects

Joe Grace

We appear to be living in some interesting times!
The Sensory Proejects website is providing a bank of resources helpful for those looking for educational activities to do whilst staying home and staying safe.

If you have any suggested additions please email them to me at:

The resources are loosely grouped into those aimed at people with additional educational needs, those specific to learning about COVID 19 and the changes it is implementing in our lives and those aimed at students who attend mainstream schools.

Sensory Projects – Joe Grace



James Rennie School – Cumbria

The James Rennie School website contains videos – an introduction to sensory stories, and a sensory story (we’re going on a bear hunt) which can be completed with objects found in most houses + a growing directory of recipes which are symbol supported

The James Rennie School Trust website at

also has a growing breadth of resources including support from therapists


Autism Education Trust
• The Autism Education Trust is dedicated to coordinating, supporting and promoting effective education practice for all children and young people on the autism spectrum.

British Institute of Learning Disabilities
• Bild are committed to improving the quality of life for people with learning disabilities. Their vision is a world where people with learning disabilities are accepted as equal citizens with the potential to make a positive contribution to our communities.

Department for Education
• The Department for Education is responsible for education and children’s services. Find out about
the academies programme which provides schools with greater freedoms to innovate and raise

The Hextol Foundation
• To improve the lives of people with disabilities, and who may have other advantages by creating
employment opportunities, providing education and training and developing other charitable forms of support as required.

HEADS, Education and Development Services
• Facilitates regional training and hosts conferences and workshops on a wide range of SEN related topics.

Everyone has a story to tell
• Interplay works across all art forms – theatre, film, music, visual arts, radio, literature – to engage
children, young people and adults who feel excluded.

The voice for learning disability.
• Mencap work in partnership with people with a learning disability, and their services support people to live life as they choose. Mencap is the leading voice of learning disability. Everything they do is about valuing and supporting people with a learning disability, and their families and carers.

NASEN – Helping Everyone Achieve
• An organisation aiming to promote the education, training, advancement and development of everyone with special and additional support needs.

• Ofsted inspects and regulates care for children and young people and inspects education and
training for learners of all ages.

Priory Woods School
• An all age community special school situated in east Middlesbrough. Prior Woods school provides a quality, inclusive education for pupils with severe learning difficulties and those with profound and multiple needs.
Curriculum Area: here you will find lots of examples of our pupils from across all ages and levels of ability.

• The official UK body and international consultancy for Rebound Therapy with founder
Eddy Anderson, MCSP Cert Ed. Responsible for the development and delivery of validated and certificated staff training courses.

Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB)
Supporting blind and partially sighted people
• RNIB offers support to education professionals working with blind and partially sighted learners from birth to 25, including those with complex needs.

Seen In
Improving Quality of Life
• Designers of protective wear for children and adults.

Sherborne Association
• The Sherborne Association UK is a non-profit-making registered charity and part of an international organisation that is dedicated to maximising the abilities of all people with and without disabilities, through the medium of movement. It was formed to continue and promote the work of Veronica Sherborne. The Association runs courses to instruct interested people in the use of Sherborne Developmental Movement in appropriate settings, often working with people with learning difficulties. These courses are suitable for Teachers, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Care workers etc.

Special Kids In The UK
• Special kids in the UK is a charity for families who have a child of any age with special needs.

The Down’s Syndrome Association
• Helping people with Down’s syndrome to live full and rewarding lives. They provide information and support for people with Down’s syndrome, their families and carers and the professionals who work with them.

Software Solutions for Inclusion
• Communicate: In Print templates and training materials on making your school or
centre “communication friendly”.

Williams Syndrome Foundation
• An organisation for individuals with Williams syndrome, their families and professionals needing
support and information regarding the syndrome. Williams syndrome is a rare disorder. Like Downs
Syndrome it is caused by an abnormality in chromosomes, and shows a wide variation in abilities from person to person.

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Rodney House School – Manchester

We feel the online training delivered by EQUALS have been WONDERFUL.  The relevance and depth of the sessions has been fantastic, Peter is a very knowledgeable man. Having training delivered online has enabled all our teachers to attend and have discussions after the event rather than one teacher attending and disseminating which can water down the content.
Thank you so much and keep them coming!

Peter Imray

“Lets focus on things that matter”.

“For those with a profound learning difficulty (PMLD), learning is best done when the learner is placed in the centre of the curriculum”.

Priory Woods School – Middlesbrough

“The Semi-formal Curriculum meets the needs of our special children and we feel more able to promote what the children need rather than being constrained by subject areas”.

“Freedom to be creative and concentrate on individual needs with a focus on independence”.

Pedagogy, Curriculum and Assessment of Pupil Progress for Children and Young People with SLD and PMLD

“Great delivery – motivational speaker, thank you’
“A fantastic workshop with many learning and thinking points!’
“Excellent informative course”
“Information about different kinds of assessment models”
“Thought provoking ideas on SLD curriculum”
“Analysing what we teach and why?”

Confident Parenting Workshop

“Fab content in terms of setting up a parent support group”
“Very useful and informative”
“Opportunities to discuss and information on THRIVE’
“Ideas for parenting course to run in school”
“I liked the whole concept of the course and the fact that it seems to be very parent driven”