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Equals Members benefit from significant discounts on Conferences, Workshops and Publications. By being a member of Equals you can inform our Executive of issues that affect the pupils in your school and we in turn can raise the issues with the government and other SEN related organisations. Help support Equals in providing a voice for PMLD, CLD, SLD, MLD and GLD.

Being a member of EQUALS enables you to:

  • Be a part of an internationally recognised body actively campaigning on issues related specifically to PMLD, CLD, SLD and GLD
  • Attend online CPD training sessions for FREE covering a wide variety of topics
  • Save £1,000s of pounds when ordering Curriculum and Assessment
    materials/licences for PMLD, CLD, SLD, MLD and GLD
  • Save £100s of pounds when booking places on Equals national and regional conferences
  • Register for Accreditation/Certificate of Achievement Schemes
  • Advertise Job Vacancies for free
  • Access a News and Discussion Forum


Welcome to the EQUALS Web Shop. Here you can purchase EQUALS publications, which are delivered by email in PDF and Microsoft Word Formats. If you are not already a member or wish to renew your EQUALS Membership you can also subscribe to EQUALS using the Web Shop. Users can pay using their Debit/Credit Cards.