New Draft EYFS Framework

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The DfE has published the new EYFS statutory framework, along with the proposed Learning and Development Requirements.

Some aspects of the statutory framework are still available for comment.

This is the revised EYFS that is due to come into force from September 2021.

The DfE are inviting schools and settings with Early Years provision to provide feedback on some aspects of the draft framework by 18 March 2021.


The EYFS framework also covers the Reception Baseline Assessment (RBA), however, this is not available for feedback
as it has already been approved and finalised.

 Note that specialist schools along with mainstream schools are required to complete and report on the RBA for all pupils
entering Reception at any point in the year. 


Other aspects of the framework that have been finalised are:

  • Educational programmes (including significant changes to the seven Area of Learning)
  • Characteristics of Effective Teaching and Learning 
  • Non-statutory Development Matters guidance
  • Early Learning Goals and end of year (Profile) assessment 
  • Removal of statutory duty for LA’s to moderate profile judgements
  • Removal of ‘exceeding’ judgement from Profile assessment
  • Changes to the safeguarding and welfare section with added requirements to promote oral health
  • Progress check at age two


The draft framework, along with the draft SI and other useful information can be found on the Foundation Years web site:


Click here to download the EYFS Framework



Proposed changes are highlighted in red to show where DfE are seeking views.

 Schools may be particularly interested to provide feedback on the comments in red relating to recording evidence : it clearly states that the collection of written and photographic evidence by teachers to support assessments will not be required. (pages 10 & 17). 


Comments and feedback are to be sent to the dfE via:


At EQUALS we are interested in knowing what support or guidance you might want in order to implement the new
EYFS effectively for pupils with SEND.

Look out for further details on this coming out soon.

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