Equals Membership

Equals is a not-for-profit registered charity, first formed in 1994,
committed to supporting the work of teachers, TAs, schools and parents/carers of pupils with:

  • Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD)
  • Complex Learning Difficulties (CLD)
  • Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD)
  • Moderate Learning Difficulties (MLD)
  • Global Learning Difficulties (GLD)

“The amount of schools signing up to become members has increased by over 200% in the last 4 years; especially since Ofsted changed their inspection framework where they now look at the CURRICULUM SoW used in schools in greater depth”

Is your Curriculum bespoke for PMLD, CLD, SLD, MLD or GLD?

Being a member of Equals enables you to:

Be a part of an internationally recognised body actively campaigning on issues related specifically to PMLD, CLD, SLD and GLD

• Attend online CPD training sessions for FREE covering a wide variety of topics

Save £1,000s of pounds when ordering Curriculum and Assessment
materials/licences for PMLD, CLD, SLD, MLD and GLD

• Save £100s of pounds when booking places on Equals national and regional conferences

Register for Accreditation/Certificate of Achievement Schemes

• Advertise Job Vacancies for free

Access a News and Discussion Forum

To view details for the Equals Training & Conferences please visit our » Events section.

Many schools don’t have the funds or the time to develop or update their Curriculum and Assessment materials. By maintaining your membership with the Equals Charity your school can secure access to any Curriculum updates for any licences they currently hold. Equals members’ also benefit from HUGE discounts when purchasing any licences for the first time.

“Schools can request an online session with the Equals Strategic Development Manager to learn more about the Equals Curriculum and Assessment materials. During these sessions Paul can share his screen, so schools can view previews and ask questions. Equals can then recommend which materials would be appropriate and provide a bespoke quote”.

To request an online session, please contact Paul Buskin using paul@equalsoffice.co.uk

“Does your school keep a record of which Equals Curriculum & Assessment licences your school already has?”

Schools can contact Equals using sarah@equalsoffice.co.uk to request a full list.

We can resend if requested and advise if any have been updated recently”.

The amount of schools applying to join Equals is expected to increase further as Ofsted are now looking at ‘Curriculum Schemes of Work’ and how schools are supporting relationships/engagement in greater depth. Equals has a variety of new member offers.

Please contact admin@equalsoffice.co.uk for further details.

Development Days

Informal/Semi-formal Curriculum


This is an opportunity to visit an Equals Curriculum Exemplar School and spend time with senior leaders and in classrooms. The purpose of this day is to increase the understanding of the Semi-Formal and Informal Curricula as well as being able to ask about assessment, planning or any other aspect of teaching and learning that you are interested in.

The ‘Equals Curriculum Exemplar Schools’ involve specialist schools, where Equals has provided additional consultancy over the past four years.

They have been observed implementing the Equals Curriculum Scheme of Works well in their own school. Schools that have benefited from this additional support, have provided presentations to Equals Members’, via Equals Regional Curriculum Conferences.

They are able to articulate how the curriculum:

  • can be implemented
  • how it works with other processes such as Mapping and Assessing Personal Progress
  • And to demonstrate the impact.

Further development days are being organised for up to six schools to take place Spring 2024

For further information please contact the Equals Strategic Development Manager; Paul Buskin using paul@equalsoffice.co.uk

Regional Curriculum Conferences

Events have recently been held from:

  • Brackenfield School in Nottingham
  • Hadrian School in Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Oakwood Curriculum & Assessment Centre, Belfast in Northern Ireland
  • Melland High School in Manchester
  • NCVO in Central London
  • Wilson Stuart School in Birmingham

Each Conference included the following:

  • Presentations from Schools that are currently using the Equals Curriculum Schemes of Work
  • Content related to the Engagement Model and the Pre-Key Stages Standards
  • An opportunity to discuss ‘Best Practise’ and share developments
  • Opportunities for Questions and Answers

Equals will be organising further regional conferences during 2024-26; this time focusing on Play, Communication and Independence. Each event will be held in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Newcastle upon Tyne and Nottingham.

If you would like to learn more or to register your interest please email the
Equals Strategic Development Manager – paul@equalsoffice.co.uk 

There is a small charge of only £79 towards lunch and refreshments to help ensure expenses at any host schools are met.

If you would like to suggest a new location for a regional conference please get in touch.

Equals National Conference

Different not Differentiated?

A fresh look at curriculum and assessment for learners of all ages with PMLD and SLD in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Date: Friday 28th June 2024

Venue: Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road, Central London, NW1 2BJ.

To book a place please email admin@equalsoffice.co.uk

Delegates places are only £299+VAT. Places are provided on a first come basis,
so early booking is recommended, as usually our events are over subscribed.

Curriculum Schemes of Work from EQUALS

There is now a selection of ‘Equals Curriculum pathways’ which include:

» Pre-Formal (PMLD) Curriculum
This scheme of work costs only £109 for EQUALS members.

» Informal Curriculum
A new scheme of work for pupils with CLD. Available for members for only £259

» Semi-formal  (SLD/MLD) Curriculum
There are currently twelve schemes of work available to purchase. These schemes of work cost only £69 each for Equals members.

» Formal Curriculum – SLD & MLD
A brand new formal curriculum for pupils consistently working below age related expectorations, especially those that struggle with Literacy and Numeracy; is now available to purchase. These schemes of work cost only £69 each.


There have been two recent national conferences related to ‘Assessment’ and we continue to provide

» Mapping and Assessing Personal Progress – MAPP – Semi-formal

A new Formal version of MAPP is also now available to purchase.

Assessing & Recording Progress
within the EYFS

A new EYFS resource to support assessment
and recording in the Early Years Foundation Stage

An interactive learning journal designed specifically for children with complex and profound learning needs. These materials reflect the key principles of the revised EYFS; reducing time spent on recording and recognising the importance of qualitative data and practitioner knowledge in order to provide high quality assessment for learning.

  • Records progress from the start of each child’s unique learning journey and keeps the child at the centre of the process
  • Emphasis on personalised strengths and significant characteristics of each child in order to capture progress without the use of checklists or excessive data
  • Provides useful links to support the transition beyond EYFS
  • A celebratory document that can be shared with parents, carers and child.


An Introduction and Guide to Using the Materials

  • My Communication & Language Development
  • My Physical Development
  • My Personal, Social & Emotional Development
  • My Cognition & Learning and EYFS Characteristics

Skills Maps

  • To Support Observational Assessment and Recording

An Interactive Learning Journal


£50 for private day nurseries, £60 for Equals Members and £75 for Equals Non-members

To order these materials please email admin@equalsoffice.co.uk

To learn more about these new materials from Equals, please contact paul@equalsoffice.co.uk and
previews can be provided via online sessions using Zoom or Teams.

SEN School Job Vacancies

As well as ‘Curriculum and Assessment Support and Licenses’, member schools can also advertise their Schools SEN Jobs’ for free.

Please contact admin@equalsoffice.co.uk to place an advert.

News and Discussion Forum from EQUALS

There is also new News and Discussion Forum from EQUALS which includes lots of links to Home Learning materials.

This forum is for professionals working with pupils with learning difficulties and disabilities(PMLD, SLD and MLD). There are articles and news items from Peter Imray; our Director of Developments and from other EQUALS Trustees. You can also read about new and exciting developments from the EQUALS charity.

We also welcome contributions from members, so should you wish to contribute an entire post, please email your item to our Strategic Development Manager; Paul Buskin at paul@equalsoffice.co.uk

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What Our Members Say

We have thousands of satisfied members since we began in 1994

Online CPD Sessions

“Love these courses, it is like having a university lecture/tutorial”

“I love listening to the evidence based information”

“All the information was presented simply and efficiently. It was interesting and the time passed very quickly. An excellent training session”

Rodney House School – Manchester

We feel the online training delivered by EQUALS have been WONDERFUL.  The relevance and depth of the sessions has been fantastic, Peter is a very knowledgeable man. Having training delivered online has enabled all our teachers to attend and have discussions after the event rather than one teacher attending and disseminating which can water down the content.
Thank you so much and keep them coming!

Peter Imray

“Lets focus on things that matter”.

“For those with a profound learning difficulty (PMLD), learning is best done when the learner is placed in the centre of the curriculum”.

Priory Woods School – Middlesbrough

“The Semi-formal Curriculum meets the needs of our special children and we feel more able to promote what the children need rather than being constrained by subject areas”.

“Freedom to be creative and concentrate on individual needs with a focus on independence”.

Pedagogy, Curriculum and Assessment of Pupil Progress for Children and Young People with SLD and PMLD

“Great delivery – motivational speaker, thank you’
“A fantastic workshop with many learning and thinking points!’
“Excellent informative course”
“Information about different kinds of assessment models”
“Thought provoking ideas on SLD curriculum”
“Analysing what we teach and why?”