Zoom Training Courses for PMLD – SLD – MLD

Cost: Only £19+VAT for EQUALS Members and £59+VAT for non-members

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High Quality Zoom Training from only £19

For Teachers working with pupils with PMLD, SLD and MLD.

The EQUALS charity is committed to offering high quality online  training using the zoom platform at prices that schools can afford. At this time schools are struggling with reduced budgets and many teachers are finding it more difficult to access training which is essential to carry out their roles.

With the support of EQUALS Members, we are using the online zoom platform to deliver a selection of twilight training workshops.  These are scheduled to start at 4pm (after pupils have left, and when there is more capacity in school car parks) and finish at 6:30pm.

Over the past two years EQUALS has been very busy developing a new Semi-formal SLD/MLD Curriculum. This contains a dozen schemes of work. As from 1st September 2019, Ofsted introduced a new school inspection framework and their inspectors will now be looking to see whether the children are being offered a “broad, rich curriculum and real learning. Ofsted will also be looking at how teachers are managing pupil behaviour. Does your school provide a broad and balanced curriculum for PMLD, SLD and MLD? Or is it teaching to assessment?

With this in mind, EQUALS has been delivering a series of twilights by Peter Imray for Semi-formal SLD/MLD Curriculum.

Twilights are also available for MAPP – Mapping and Assessing Personal Progress by Mike Sissons.

More topics will be covered during 2020/2021, which could include:

    • S&R Education – following new government guidance that is due to come out during 2020
    • New Ofsted Framework – A new Ofsted inspection framework started from 1st September 2019
    • Formal Subject specific Curriculum – a new pack will be published by EQUALS during 2020
    • Sensory Issues and Awareness for Complex Learning
    • Story Telling – Narrative
    • Call and Response

If your school is interested in an online zoom twilight training session,

Please contact paul@equalsoffice.co.uk for further information and to register any interest.