Jacqui Warne



‘Listen to Me: the Learn to Live Person Centred Model’
Jacqui Warne, Executive Head, Learn to Live Federation incorporating Bidwell Brook School & Ellen Tinkham School

Learn to Live is an effective and efficient method for hearing the voice of children, young people and their families in order to inform the decisions about them. It works by giving families a voice and professionals a framework to listen and respond. Learn to Live is about planning and working together leading to highly effective provision with a big positive impact on positive outcomes for children and young people. It is based on a set of rights supported by practical tools and processes, starting with “Listen to Me” – an ‘in’ to hearing what motivates the child or young person, what works for them and what stops things working for them.

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Jacqui Warne
Born and bred in Devon, Jacqui Warne began her career as a teacher working for the Inner London Education Authority (ILEA) in residential special schools which provided challenging experiences and much learning. Following work in Surrey, Jacqui moved to Ellen Tinkham Special School in Exeter initially as deputy head, then as headteacher and now as executive head for the Learn to Live Federation. EllenTinkham is an Investors in People Champion (having achieved more than gold standard), achieved the Inclusion Quality Mark as well as “outstanding” Ofsted judgements in the last two inspections and interim subject inspections. Jacqui is also well known for her parking skills, creativity and amazing drive to improve.

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Rodney House School – Manchester

We feel the online training delivered by EQUALS have been WONDERFUL.  The relevance and depth of the sessions has been fantastic, Peter is a very knowledgeable man. Having training delivered online has enabled all our teachers to attend and have discussions after the event rather than one teacher attending and disseminating which can water down the content.
Thank you so much and keep them coming!

Peter Imray

“Lets focus on things that matter”.

“For those with a profound learning difficulty (PMLD), learning is best done when the learner is placed in the centre of the curriculum”.

Priory Woods School – Middlesbrough

“The Semi-formal Curriculum meets the needs of our special children and we feel more able to promote what the children need rather than being constrained by subject areas”.

“Freedom to be creative and concentrate on individual needs with a focus on independence”.

Pedagogy, Curriculum and Assessment of Pupil Progress for Children and Young People with SLD and PMLD

“Great delivery – motivational speaker, thank you’
“A fantastic workshop with many learning and thinking points!’
“Excellent informative course”
“Information about different kinds of assessment models”
“Thought provoking ideas on SLD curriculum”
“Analysing what we teach and why?”

Confident Parenting Workshop

“Fab content in terms of setting up a parent support group”
“Very useful and informative”
“Opportunities to discuss and information on THRIVE’
“Ideas for parenting course to run in school”
“I liked the whole concept of the course and the fact that it seems to be very parent driven”