Semi-formal Curriculum SLD/MLD

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EQUALS has published a ‘Brand New’ Semi-Formal Curriculum, specifically designed and written for learners of all ages with SLD/MLD.

Below is a short video of just over 11 mins by Peter Imray; our Director of Developments.

Peter Imray talks about our brand new Semi-Formal (SLD/MLD) Curriculum.


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My Outdoor School

My Physical Well-being

My Communication

My Play and Leisure

My Independence

My Thinking and Problem Solving

The World About Me

My Drama

My Dance

My Art

My Music

My Citizenship

All of the above Semi-formal Curriculums are priced at £59 each for Members and £149.00 for non-members.

EQUALS Members benefit from significant discounts on EQUALS publications. The members price for the curriculum SoW is only £59 per scheme of work. This involves a saving of £90 per scheme of work, compared to Non-members prices

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The aims of the Schemes of Work project have been

    • To build on the collaborative work of Penny Lacey and Swiss Cottage School;
    • To write outstanding practice schemes of work for non National Curriculum ‘areas of learning’;
    • To involve outstanding teachers in good and outstanding schools throughout England and Wales;
    • To produce schemes of work that are available to all schools on a cost recovery (not for profit) basis through the Equals website;
    • To share best practice within a broad band of stakeholders, including both the DfE and Ofsted.

The general principles governing the schemes of work are that they

    • Are developmental in nature and open to personalisation – they start at the beginning of the individual pupil’s learning journey and aim for the highest level of independence possible;
    • Cover all stages of education from 2 to 25 (and beyond) but are not directly related to either age or key stage. Learners fit into them where they will according to their individual abilities, interests and learning journey;
    • Are not related to the National Curriculum, though the common language of the P scales is occasionally used for ease of understanding.

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EQUALS is also now offering Twilight CPD Semi-Formal (SLD/MLD) Curriculum courses by Peter Imray.

These will use an online platform and be between 3:45-5:15 pm. If you would like to join this training please contact

To learn more about the new Semi-formal SLD Curriculum or our Twilight online CPD sessions please contact Paul Buskin at the EQUALS office on 0191 272 1222 or email


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What Our Members Say

We have thousands of satisfied members since we began in 1994

Peter Imray

“Lets focus on things that matter”.

“For those with a profound learning difficulty (PMLD), learning is best done when the learner is placed in the centre of the curriculum”.

Priory Woods School – Middlesbrough

“The Semi-formal Curriculum meets the needs of our special children and we feel more able to promote what the children need rather than being constrained by subject areas”.

“Freedom to be creative and concentrate on individual needs with a focus on independence”.

Pedagogy, Curriculum and Assessment of Pupil Progress for Children and Young People with SLD and PMLD

“Great delivery – motivational speaker, thank you’
“A fantastic workshop with many learning and thinking points!’
“Excellent informative course”
“Information about different kinds of assessment models”
“Thought provoking ideas on SLD curriculum”
“Analysing what we teach and why?”

Confident Parenting Workshop

“Fab content in terms of setting up a parent support group”
“Very useful and informative”
“Opportunities to discuss and information on THRIVE’
“Ideas for parenting course to run in school”
“I liked the whole concept of the course and the fact that it seems to be very parent driven”