Twilight Workshops


EQUALS Twilight Training –
Semi-formal (SLD) Curriculum

EQUALS is starting to offer training, after school, from 4-6:30pm; using local venues. Costs are extremely low from only £19.99 for members and £59.99 for non-members.

Two very successful workshops were held at Hadrian School, Newcastle and Priory Woods School in Middlesbrough. EQUALS, is busy organising more and is currently looking into local venues for London, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Midlands and Wales.

If your school is interested in a twilight training workshop please contact

Course Profile

With the Rochford Review confirming that ‘schools already have the freedom to use any curriculum they feel is appropriate for the needs and requirements of…… pupils’ who are not engaged in ‘subject specific learning’, we seek to explore

  • What does subject specific learning mean?
  • Who might be involved in subject specific learning and who might not?
  • What kind of curriculum makes sense for learners with SLD who will only ever be able to succeed (at the very best) up to the very beginnings of the National Curriculum?
  • What kind of curriculum model can enable those with SLD to be the very best that they can be and to do the very best that they can do, irrespective of their level of learning difficulty?

This twilight session will explain in as much detail as we can, the four completed schemes of work in the Equals Semi-Formal (SLD) Curriculum (namely My Communication, My Play and Leisure, My Independence, and My Thinking and Problem Solving) so that delegates have a real sense of how these work, how they work together and how different they are from the National Curriculum.

We seem to be in a position of much greater flexibility than we have been for a very long time which makes for extremely exciting and interesting times in curriculum development!