Training & Consultancy

EQUALS can offer in-house training in a number of areas of expertise. Our trainers have spent many years in the field of special needs education and have wide experience and knowledge in a number of key areas:

  • All areas relating to PMLD, SLD, and ASD including curriculum development.
  • Drama for SLD children, teenagers or adults.
  • Music for EYF.
  • Sensory Storytelling and drama for PMLD.
  • Music for young people with SEN.
  • Drama.
  • English literature, particularly poetry and plays.
  • Motor Planning Training

Trainers:  Kathryn Crosby, Peter Imray or Rachel Gardner

  • Positive behaviour support and behaviour for learning with vulnerable and challenging young people.
  • Challenging Behaviour

Trainers:  Dr John Cornwall or Peter Imray

Therapeutic and Holistic Approaches
  • Therapeutic education practices and emotional needs in school.
  • Music4Wellbeing – psychology and practice for all comers
  • Massage for SEN (Story Massage, Massage in Schools Programme and Baby Massage).
  • Teaching with a holistic approach.
  • Stress Management

Trainers:  Dr John Cornwall, Kathryn Crosby or Rachel Gardner.

Larri Annis and Susie Ekins – Stress Management


ICT and Communication
  • Primary Computing
  • Sensory Music for communication with SLD, PMLD and ASD students.
  • iPad apps and tablets to support communication and learning.
  • Assistive Technologies for SEN/D
  • Specialist software for PC’s including First Keys, Symwriter, Communicate in Print, Communicate Ideas, Clicker 7, Grid 2, Read and Write Gold.
  • Using creativity to enable and enhance communication and expression.
  • Augmentative And Alternative Communication.
  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS).
  • Use of digital media
  • Online learning

Trainers:  Marion Stanton or Kathryn Crosby.

  • Organisational change, leadership, teamwork and human relations (including stress management).
  • Ofsted framework
  • Curriculum Management.
  • Head Teacher Performance Management.
  • Stress Management

Trainers:  Dr John Cornwall,  Larri Annis,  Susie Ekins or David Muir

  • Assessing Pupil Progress and Target Setting.

Trainers:  Peter Imray

Disability Awareness
  • Profound, severe and complex learning difficulties, including cognitive and physical disabilities.
  • Deaf education

Trainers:  Pamela Gudgin,  Peter Imray or David Muir

Current Initiatives
  • Publications (SEN and Mainstream)

Trainers:  Pamela Gudgin

Sherborne Developmental Movement
  • Training in Sherborne Developmental Movement
  • Application of SDM in Autism, PMLD, mainstream, MLD etc.

Trainers: From various International Course Leaders – Sherborne Association UK.

As soon as we receive a completed registration form, we will contact a trainer that meets your specific needs.

Cost for 1 day’s training: £500 + (and expenses of trainer). Fee is negotiable.