Holistic Music for Children

Len Baldwin has worked with children with additional needs for 25 years. During this time he has tried many ways to encourage children to learn and have fun in the process. Music appeals to all ages and abilities and if presented and taught in the correct way, will enable any child to achieve their potential. The songs on the CDs look at the needs of children holistically, giving maximum opportunities.


A Selection of music suitable for Pre-School children with additional needs

The Discovery Box
The Discovery Box is all about encouraging children to explore and enjoy a wide range of sensory materials to music. There are 9 tracks and for each there are some ideas what you could use to accompany them.

Body Awareness
This CD looks at Body Awareness. Incorporating simple counting and language cues. The vocal instructions are clear, simple and repetitive, giving children time to respond. Developing children’s beat awareness will help to develop their gross/fine motor skills, whilst also developing their listening and language skills.

A Music and Movement Session for Children with PMLD

Moving Sounds
The music has been developed to incorporate modern sounds and rhythms, as well as traditional relaxing music in the HMC style and each track has been designed for a particular activity.

A Set of 4 CD’s available from £70.00 excluding VAT