CASPA – 33% Discount

Analysis and Evaluation of attainment and progress of pupils with SEN

EQUALS Target Setting Project

The EQUALS Target Setting Project ran successfully from 2001-2010. The project had its biggest impact in 2006, when 123 schools enrolled and EQUALS processed the data for 7812 pupils, a significant proportion of the nation’s special needs pupils. Our credibility has been so strong that the data from this work was shared with the government and has helped shape the National Strategies Progression Guidance.

In the past four years the “data market” has become busier, if not congested. Several new providers have come on stream, local authorities have begun to gather and evaluate their own data and latterly the National Strategies/DfE has produced their “Progression Guidance”. Sadly this had had effect upon the EQUALS project.

We are justly proud of our unique work in target setting, with PACE providing that assurance that the teacher’s best fit was accurate. We are also proud of our long association with many of the project schools and feel a great obligation towards them. We are anxious to preserve for schools the ability to process PACE scores. We are therefore proposing to facilitate the transfer of future data for CASPA to process. Formally DURHAM CEM have processed our data, however this will no longer happen.


CASPA is a simple and easy-to-use tool to assist with the analysis and evaluation of attainment and progress of pupils with Special Educational Needs. CASPA makes available to schools the information that they need for self-evaluation and to drive school improvement.

It provides schools with a rich set of comparative data to allow the bench-marking of attainment and progress for both individual pupils and cohorts within the school and presents analyses to meet the needs of all those who require access to such information.

For more information about CASPA, go to the CASPA website at

CASPA can analyse EQUALS PACE assessment scores.

What does it cost?

There is no fee payable to EQUALS.

Maintained schools whose Local Authority holds an LA licence are already entitled to install CASPA and process their PACE scores as part of the existing licence.

Schools that are members of NASS, (National Association of Independent schools and Non-Maintained Special Schools) should apply through NASS.

EQUALS has negotiated a great deal on CASPA for EQUALS members. The initial annual licence fee for CASPA is normally £2,475. However, EQUALS members can purchase their initial CASPA licence for a reduced fee of £1,650; a discount of 33%! Future annual licence renewals for CASPA will cost £950 plus an indexation element for inflation. All fees are subject to VAT and will be payable directly to SGA Systems.