EQUALS Membership


EQUALS is a not-for-profit registered charity, first formed in 1994, committed to supporting the work of teachers, TAs, schools and parents/carers of pupils with:

      • Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD)
      • Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD) and
      • Moderate Learning Difficulties (MLD).


Being a member of EQUALS enables you to:

    • be a part of an internationally recognised body actively campaigning on issues
      related specifically to PMLD, SLD and MLD
    • save £100s of pounds when ordering Curriculum and Assessment
      materials/licences for PMLD, SLD and MLD
    • enrol on high quality CPD provided in your area and geared to your local needs
    • save £100s of pounds when booking places on EQUALS national conferences
    • register for ‘Accreditation/Certificate of Achievement Schemes’ for pupils with PMLD, SLD and MLD
    • advertise SEN Job Vacancies for free at www.equalsmembers.org
    • secure access to a News and Discussion Forum for PMLD, SLD and MLD.



The amount of schools requesting to become members of the EQUALS charity has increased by 125% over the past two years. Schools really need our help and support at this time. Many schools don’t have the funds themselves to develop curriculum and assessment materials/licences.

EQUALS membership is expected to increase further as Ofsted are now looking at ‘Curriculum Subjects’ and looking at how schools are managing pupil behaviour in greater depth.

We will be sending out a member’s survey later this month and we will be looking to see how we can help schools more this academic year.


12 months

Only £120.00 +VAT.


36 months

Only £297.00 +VAT.





There is now a selection of ‘EQUALS Curriculum pathways’ which include:

There have been two recent national conferences related to ‘Assessment’ and we continue to provide ‘Mapping and Assessing Personal Progress’ – MAPP – Semi-formal.

Our summer Conference this year was related to ‘Curriculum at the Heart of Learning for Learners of all ages with PMLD, SLD and MLD’ and this was so popular, we have opted to run this again further north at the University of Manchester’ on the 20th March 2020. Members places are only £149+VAT. Early booking is recommended as our last four conferences were oversubscribed.

We are busy with our Summer conference for next year which will be related to 14-25 Education – What does Independence mean for young people with PMLD, SLD and MLD. Practical Solutions and Possibilities. This will be at the NCVO in Central London on the 26th June 2020.




We are continuing to offer local training for only £19 to members; using local schools after pupils have left for the day between 4-6:30 pm. A further programme of seven twilight courses is planned this term, with further topics starting early 2020. If there are any your own school are interested in, please let us know and we will try our very best to organise one.

As well as ‘Curriculum and Assessment Support and Licenses’ there is also a member’s website, where member schools can advertise their ‘School SEN Jobs’ for free and there is a new ‘News and Discussion Forum‘. We have also been working on behalf of members to look at ‘school funding’ and ‘Managing Behaviour’. Working with other organisations we have been in touch with the government and lots of behavioural resources will be highlighted for all members over the next three terms.

Finally, there is now a new ‘Certificate of Achievement’ scheme where schools can request certificates for their pupils to help celebrate any progress whilst using the EQUALS Curriculum schemes of work.




This brand new website is for professionals teaching pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD), severe learning difficulties (SLD) and moderate learning difficulties (MLD).

It contains lots of useful content related to the SEN sector.



To view please visit www.equalsmembers.org