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EQUALS Members benefit from significant discounts on EQUALS Conferences, Workshops and Publications.    By being a member of EQUALS you can inform our Executive of issues that affect the pupils in your school and we in turn can raise the issues with the government and other SEN related organisations. Support EQUALS in providing a voice for SLD, MLD and PMLD.


EQUALS aims to:

  • Promote the highest standards of education for pupils working below age related expectations.
  • Influence educational practice and policy at local, regional and national levels by consulting and liaising with the DfE, Ofsted and other SEN organisations.
  • Support teachers in applying governmental policy in the education of children with learning difficulties.
  • Foster high quality innovative practice, through the publication of relevant and rigorous support materials.
  • Advance the entitlement of pupils with learning difficulties to equality of opportunity.
  • Facilitate the rights of pupils to speak for themselves.
  • Voice the concerns of teachers and head teachers.
  • Arrange national conferences and best practice workshops
  • Write new curriculum teaching materials
  • Manage a 14+ accreditation scheme
  • Maintain a website and an office to help manage and administer charity.


12 months
Cost £120.00 excluding VAT.

If you are not already a member or wish to renew your EQUALS Membership you can also subscribe to EQUALS using our Web Shop. Users can pay using their Debit/Credit Cards.

EQUALS has now been offering its services to schools for more than 20 years.  In this time it has built up a strong record in supporting teachers.

We believe that EQUALS has a unique obligation and opportunity to act as a fulcrum for concerns, ideas and initiatives being directly expressed to the organisations that make the decisions. To that end, we have already held initial meetings with both Ofsted and the DfE to raise a number of points on behalf of our members. To our knowledge, we are the only organisation talking to them solely about SLD and PMLD issues and we therefore see this work as vital. You can help us in this work by becoming a EQUALS member and making us all stronger as a result.