Massage in the Special School


Tuesday 14th November 2017
Priory Street Centre, 15 Priory Street, York, YO1 6ET.

Kathryn Crosby, Teacher and Educational Consultant

Teachers have found that regular use of professionally directed massage can have positive and wide reaching benefits in the classroom, so that the classroom is quieter; children are happier; children can focus and concentrate for longer. Self esteem improves and children are less stressed. Besides this, massage is socially inclusive and massage is fun. This is a hands-on and active course aimed at people working with students who have PMLD/SLD/ASD.
Course Content:
Benefits of massage

  • Physical, emotional, cognitive.
  • Benefits for the school, class, home.

Nervous System

  • Understanding how massage affects behaviour & learning and
    the role of massage in the learning process.


  • Oxytocin, adrenaline, cortisol etc. How massage works in
    reducing stress and aggressive behaviour.

Touch Issues

  • Strategies for ADHD, touch sensitive, or ASD students.

Touch games

  • Really good fun. Lots of short burst games, activities for staff
    to develop and use across the whole curriculum.

Strokes and routines

  • Back, head, arms, hand and foot massage – technique,
    pressure, strokes.

Massage stories

  • How to write your own massage stories, poems and songs.

Child protection

  • How to develop a structured massage programme within
    safeguarding policies.


  • Recording baselines, monitoring and evaluating a massage

Quotes from delegates on the Massage in the Special School course,
London, November 2016

  • ‘Great course – very happy and look forward to implementing into our class / school.’
  • ‘Outstanding course. Kathryn was brilliant.’
  • ‘Amazing, some great information and ideas.’
  • ‘Kathryn was brilliant, friendly, fun and informative.’
  • ‘Brilliant Lecturer – made the day interesting – exciting ideas.’
  • ‘Great facilitator.’

Quotes from delegates on the Massage in the Special School course,
Manchester, May 2015

  • ‘Very good course. Really enjoyed it.’
  • ‘Superb course.’
  • ‘I have learnt some very useful techniques that I am looking forward to using and sharing at my school.’
  • ‘Kathryn was fantastic. Great, honest, well presented day.’
  • ‘A great course, very well delivered.’


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