14 + Accreditation from EQUALS

Moving On is a flexible curriculum of five, one year programmes for 14 + students. Courses of study include World Studies, Independent Living and Vocational Skills. Literacy and Numeracy programmes, and Functional Skills are also available. Centres adopting the schemes can receive accreditation that is awarded by EQUALS. This is assessed against clear standards that relate to national norms such as the P Levels. There is no minimum or maximum number of units for which a student may be entered in any one year. The accreditation scheme enables students to be assessed and awarded nationally moderated certificates. For further information, please download the Teacher’ Handbook below.

Regional Training and Moderation Meetings

Support advisors/moderators co-ordinate a regional network for training and external moderation to those schools that register. If you are new to the Moving On programme and wish to find out more about the accreditation, you are welcome to attend a Regional Training day. Please ring your nearest moderator for further information. The training days are informal and offer the opportunity to network and ask questions.

Click here to view the dates for the Moving On Regional Training Days and Moderation Meetings 2017 – 2018

  • You can register your centre for Moving On accreditation by completing and submitting a
    registration form to EQUALS. Click here to download a registration form
    Schools are charged an annual fee of £95 (members of EQUALS) or £215 (non-members).
  • Forms are usually returned to the EQUALS office by mid October of the current academic year.
  • You will receive the Pre-course registration form to enrol your students for Moving On. Please return by mid November if possible.
  • You will be invoiced separately for student certificates @ £1.75 per Standard Certificate, £1.75 per Completion Certificate and £1.75 per Outstanding Achievement Certificate once students have been moderated and approved.
  • For a preview of certificates, please Click here  .
Moderation Procedures

Information on moderation procedures including the yearly schedule, recording student progress and submitting students work at moderation can be found in the Teacher’s Handbook. You can also ring the EQUALS office on 0191 272 1222 or e-mail admin@equalsoffice.co.uk

To view the Moving On Accreditation Teacher’s Handbook please click here

Passport to Learning and Forms for Moderation

A Passport to Learning should be completed for each student entered for accreditation. Just print off  or save the Passport to Learning for each student, read the guidance notes and complete.  Take your completed forms to your nearest moderation meeting together with 3 examples of work for every ten students entered to be externally moderated. The following documents  are available for moderation:


Please refer to the Teacher’s Handbook for further information on moderation.

A postal moderation system is available if you are unable to attend a moderation meeting. There will be an additional cost of £149.00 for using this service. Click here to download a form to register for postal moderation.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the EQUALS office.


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