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Our Vision:

EQUALS is committed to improving the lives of children and young people with learning difficulties and disabilities through supporting high quality education.

Our Mission:

To promote, share and reflect best practice in learning and teaching through collaborative working with practitioners and professionals at a national, regional and local level.

EQUALS is a registered charity, committed to supporting the work of teachers of pupils with profound, multiple and severe learning difficulties. EQUALS is non-profit making and has to self finance all of its activities.  EQUALS have now been offering its services to schools for 22 years.  In this time it has built up a strong record in supporting teachers, who are teaching pupils who are working within the full range of the P Scales and the early levels of the National Curriculum.

Members of the EQUALS Executive have been involved in a number of projects seeking to influence the development of new national initiatives. By being a member of EQUALS you can inform our Executive of issues that affect the pupils in your school and we in turn can raise the issues with the government and other SEN related organisations.  The strength of EQUALS is that it is managed by teachers, for teachers. It is a professional organisation that seeks to deliver the highest standards of education to pupils with learning difficulties. EQUALS endeavors to respond quickly to provide focused seminars, workshops and teaching materials that enhance teacher practices in the classroom.


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Here you can view articles and reports for Special and Mainstream schools involved in the teaching of pupils with learning difficulties and disabilities. You can also read about new and exciting developments from the EQUALS charity such as new curriculum and assessment materials, training workshops and national conferences.

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